Luftbeobachterstaffel 7

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Luftbeobachterstaffel 7

(Unit Code: B2+)

Formation. (Oct 43)

Formed October 1943 at Stuttgart-Echterdingen for assignment to 7. Jagddivision.[1]

South Germany, Austria, North Italy and Croatia. (Oct 43 - Sep 44)

14 Oct 43: an aircraft from Luftbeobachterstaffel 7 piloted by a Ltn. Wirtz claimed a B-17 20 km SE of Schweinfurt at 1700 hours.

Nov 43: a Bf 110 belonging to this Staffel arrived at Lagnasco airfield in North Italy at the end of November 1943 as the first aircraft of a Kommando (Detachment) that was to be set up in North Italy.

15 Jan 44: Staffel (still in the process of forming) consisted of a Day Schwarm based in North Italy and a Night Schwarm at Echterdingen with 2 Ju 88C-6s and 2 Bf 110G-4s. Additional crews were being assigned to build the Staffel out to full strength.

Feb 44: Staffel based at Stuttgart-Echterdingen under 7. Jagddiv. with a Kommando in N Italy and perhaps another in Austria and/or Croatia. The Kdo. in Croatia was based at Zagreb-Borongaj, consisted to just 1 or 2 aircraft and used the cover name Skorpion 5.

24 Feb 44: Bf 110G-2 (M8+LN) shot down near Wels/Austria, crew WIA. (The code "M8" was usually associated with III./NJG 3 during this time period.).

6 Mar 44: Feldpostnummer assigned to the Staffel this date.

Mar 44: at Echterdingen.

15 Mar 44: Staffel claimed a RAF Lancaster shot down in the Stuttgart area at 2258 hours.

19 Mar 44: Staffel ordered by 7. Jagddiv. to transfer from Echterdingen to Kitzingen (this order only concerned the Night Schwarm; the Day Schwarm which was still in N Italy). The transfer was carried out on 22 March.

19 Mar 44: Bf 110G-3 (6M+JL) shot down near Osoppo/NE Italy. (The code "6M" was used by 3.(F)/11 and then Küstenstaffel Krim to mid-1943).

30 Mar 44: Ju 88 crash landed at Fp. Mainz-Finthen, 3 WIA.

7 Apr 44: Bf 110G-3 shot down near Treviso/NE Italy, pilot safe, radio man KIA.

28 Apr 44: Hptm. Wallner and crew in Ju 88 “Salvator 3” orbiting radio beacon "Christa" near Schönau/25 km S of Freiburg attacked and claimed a Lancaster at 0119 hrs.

11 May 44: transferred from Kitzingen back to Echterdingen.

25 May 44: Staffel at Echterdingen with a detached Kdo. at Aviano/N Italy and another at Zagreb-Borongaj in Croatia.

Jun 44: the Kdo. in Italy, which was in the strength of about a half-Staffel, now at Villaorba and remained there until September; it was equipped with Ju 88s outfitted with radar.

14 Jun 44: Hptm. Wallner and crew claimed a Wellington between Munich and Innsbruck at 0020 hr.

2 Jul 44: Kdo. at Zagreb-Borongaj (Skorpion 5) was attached to Fliegerführer Kroatien.

19 Jul 44: dispersed from Echterdingen to Grosssachsenheim during massive attacks on South Germany by both 8th and 15th Air Force, but caught there by strafing P-51 Mustangs losing 4 Ju 88s on the ground.

23 Jul 44: Luftbeobachterstaffel 7 ordered disbanded this date and all assets used to form a Fühlungsschwarm for each of NJG 6's Gruppen.

3 Sep 44: the Kdo. in Italy reported 6(3) Ju 88s on strength.

Sep 44: the Kdo. in Italy departed Villaorba during the first half of September and transferred to Germany where it was disbanded; the rest of the Staffel was disbanded at the same time.

11 Nov 44: Staffel's FpN deleted effective this date.

FpN:(L 63909)


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WALLNER, Ernst, Hptm.

WIRTZ, Ludwig, Lt.

WOESTE, Achim, Lt.

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