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Luftflottenkommando Reich

(FpNs: L 30400, L 50182)


Generaloberst Hans-Jürgen Stumpff (c. 3 Feb 44 - 8 May 45)

Subordinate Commands:


Luftwaffenkommando West (28 Sep 44 - 1 Apr 45)

IX. Fliegerkorps (14 Sep 44 - 23 Nov 44)

IX. Fliegerkorps (J) (26 Jan 45 - May 45)

X. Fliegerkorps (4 Aug 44 - 5 Sep 44)

I. Jagdkorps (3 Feb 44 - 26 Jan 45)

14. Fliegerdivision (1 Apr 45 - May 45)

15. Fliegerdivision (1 Apr 45 - May 45)

30. Jagddivision (3 Feb 44 - 16 Mar 44)

Flakartillerie: 30. Flakdivision, 5. Flakbrigade

Luftnachrichtentruppe: numerous


Luftgaukommando I, III. V, VI, VII, VIII, XI, XII, XIV, XVI, XVII

Formation, Territorial Authority and Headquarters Locations:

(See below

Formation. (Feb 44)

Ordered formed or formed on 3 February 1944 (or 17 January 1944 according to other accounts), at Berlin-Wannsee, a suburb on the southwest side of the city (ex-Luftwaffenbefehlshaber Mitte). Elements of the Stab may also have occupied buildings in Berlin-Dahlem.[1]

Germany - Air Defense of the Reich. (Feb 44 - May 45)

Feb 44 – May 45: as was its predecessor, Lw.Befh.Mitte, Lfl. Reich was responsible for the air defence of the Reich through its subordinate Fliegerkorps, Jagdkorps, Jagddivisionen, and immense antiaircraft (Flak) forces located throughout Germany, Austria and adjacent territories. Its secondary mission, but only until the end of June 1944, was command and control of all replacement and training units of the Luftwaffe that were located in the Reich, which were then taken over by the newly formed Luftflottenkommando 10 on 1 July 1944.

3 Apr 45: with the general evacuation of Berlin by nearly all higher commands and staffs, Lfl. Reich moved to Stapelburg in the Harz Mountains 15 km E of Goslar and then on 9 April to Quassel near Hamburg.

End of Apr 45: Stab/Lfl. Reich last identified in Missunde, a small village 10 km E of Schleswig in Schleswig-Holstein. A few days later the Stab either dissolved or surrendered to the British.

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