Luftgaustab z.b.V. 2

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Luftgaustab z.b.V. 2

(FpN: L 37266)


Gen.Lt. Veit Fischer (1 Mar 41 - 22 Oct 41?)

Formation and History. (Mar 41 - Oct 41)

Formed o/a 19 April 1941 at Warsaw/Poland (ex-Luftgaustab z.b.V. 300) for the forthcoming attack on the Soviet Union. Assigned to provide logistical support to forces under Luftflotte 2 during the advance across Belorussia on the central sector of the Eastern Front.[1]

Central Russia

Apr 41: Stab at Warsaw.

5 Jul 41: 1 KIA and 2 WIA at Minsk, all belonging to Stab/Luftgaustab z.b.V. 2.

13 Aug 41: 1 WIA at Shatalovka-West airfield/55 km SE of Smolensk.

2 Sep 41: Stab at Shatalovka airfield.

18-21 Sep 41: 2 KIA and 3 WIA from the Stab at Shatalovka.

31 Oct 41: Stab either at Shatalovka or now at Roslavl airfield.

1 Nov 41: ordered disbanded this date. Gen.Lt. Fischer became the commander of Luftgaukommando Moskau this date, and it is believed that all or most of the personnel belonging to Luftgaustab z.b.V. 2 were incorporated into it also.

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