Luftgaustab z.b.V. 6

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Luftgaustab z.b.V. 6

(FpN: none found)


Obstlt. Fritz Reising (Aug 39 - Oct 39)

Formation and History. (Aug 39 - Oct 39?))

Existence extremely doubtful. The single personnel assignment noted as the Kommandeur is the only mention of this Luftgaustab z.b.V. No FpN was ever assigned. A postwar source (M.Holm) claims a Luftgaustab z.b.V. 6 existed under Luftflottenkdo. 2 from April 1940 and then became Luftgaukommando Belgien-Nordfrankreich on 30 May 1940, but no sources for this claim are cited.[1]

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