Lufttransportführer (Land)

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Lufttranportführer (Land)

(FpN: none assigned)


Obstlt. Carl-August Freiherr von Gablenz (Mar 40 - May 40)

Formation and History. (Mar 40 - May 40)

Formed second half of March 1940 to control land-based transport units scheduled for employment in the forthcoming occupation of Denmark and Norway, which began on 9 April 1940. Attached and subordinated to Gen.Kdo. X. Fliegerkorps. Disbanded on conclusion of the campaign in May or early June 1940.[1]


Lufttransportführer (See)

Lufttransportführer beim Gen.Qu. (Ob.d.L.)

Lufttransportführer I (Südost)

Lufttransportführer II (Rom)

Lufttransportführer Mittelmeer

Transportfliegerführer 1

Transportfliegerführer 2

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  1. F-W.Morzik-German Air Force Airlift Operations, USAF Historical Studies No. 167 (New York, 1968), p.91.