Lufttransportführer Mittelmeer

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Lufttransportführer Mittelmeer

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Oberst Wolfgang von Wild (c.6 Feb 42 - Sep 42)

Oberst Adolf Jäckel (Sep 42 - Jan 43)

Oberst Rudolf Starke (Jan 43 - Feb 43)

Gen.Maj. Ulrich Buchholz (Feb 43 - Apr 43)

Formation and History. (Feb 42 - Apr 43)

Believed formed o/a 6 February 1942 in Rome to establish an air bridge between the mainland and North Africa for the purpose of permitting a rapid and uninterrupted transit of supplies for Rommel’s forces in the desert. By mid-November 1942, the Stab in Rome had opened a forward command post at Trapani/Sicily to oversee the airlift of men, equipment and supplies to Tunisia following the Allied landings in Morocco and Algeria on 8 November. The Stab, still in Rome, was renamed Transportfliegerführer 2 on 21 April 1943, another source states November 1942[1].[2]


Transportfliegerführer and Lufttransportführer

Lufttranportführer (Land)

Lufttranportführer (See)

Lufttransportführer beim Gen.Qu. (Ob.d.L.)

Lufttransportführer I (Südost)

Lufttransportführer II (Rom)

Transportfliegerführer 1

Transportfliegerführer 2

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