Lufttransportstaffel 200

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Lufttransportstaffel 200

Formation and History. (Apr 45 - May 45)

Formed in April 1945 at either Wiener-Neustadt or Hörsching in Austria by re-designating “Sonderkommando Condor”, which had previously been a component of 14./TG 4. The Staffel’s mission was to fly supplies to Rhodes in the Aegean and on 25 Apr 45 it was based at Hörsching under Lw.Kdo. 4 with just 2 Fw 200s on strength. Nothing more is known and it probably surrendered at Hörsching on 8 May 1945.[1]

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Hptm. Heinz Braun (Apr 45 - 8 May 45)

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