Lufttransportstaffel 290

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Lufttransportstaffel 290

(Unit Code: J4+_H)

also as:Viermotorigen Transportstaffel
Transportstaffel Berlin-Tempelhof
LTS 290

Formation. (Jan 43)

Ordered formed 2 January 1943 at Berlin-Tempelhof as Viermotorigen Transportstaffel. Initially equipped with 7 Ju 90s, 2 Ju 290s, 1 Ju 252 and 1 Fw 200. The Ju 90s and many of the crews and other personnel came from Luftverkehrsstaffel Tempelhof. From its formation to May 1943, the Staffel was subordinated to Luftverkehrsgruppe Berlin.[1]

Germany and Italy. (Jan 43 - Oct 43)

Mar 43: transferred from Berlin-Tempelhof to Grosseto/NW Italy at the end of March with 7 Ju 90s and 2 Ju 290s to fly supplies to Tunisia, Sardinia and Corsica. On transfer, it was officially renamed Lufttransportstaffel 290 (LTS 290), and on arrival it came under the operational control of Transportfliegerführer 1 in Rome.

7 Apr 43: Ju 290 (SB+QB) crashed while landing at Megrine near Tunis, 50%. The aircraft was too badly damaged to repair so it was cannibalized and then set on fire.

24(27?) Apr 43: Ju 252 got stuck in a ditch while taxiing at Fp. Grosseto, 25%. A short time later it was struck by a landing Ju 88 and damaged beyond repair.

27 Apr 43: at Fp. Grosseto.

1 May 43: with the reorganization of the Luftwaffe’s transport forces, the Staffel came under XIV. Fliegerkorps, which was formed this date.

1 May 43: Ju 290 (J4+AH) crashed during a night landing at Sidi Ahmed/7 km SW of Bizerte, 50%. Aircraft could not be repaired and was abandoned.

4 May 43: flew several plane-loads of troops from Pisa to Olbia/Sardinia.

20 May 43: Ju 90 (J4+FH) destroyed on the ground during a heavy U.S. air raid on Fp. Grosseto, 80%.

Jul 43: Staffel continued flying air transport missions to Sardinia and Corsica with 8 Ju 90s operating from Grosseto.

23 Jul 43: Ju 90 (J4+JH) shot down into the sea off Bastia/Corsica by an RAF B-26 Marauder and German harbor Flak defenses, 100%, crew safe. The aircraft had been en-route from Pisa to Borgo/Corsica.

19 Aug 43: Ju 90 (J4+BH) severe damaged while taking off from Fp. Rome – Ciampino-South due to engine failure, 50%.

Sep 43: Staffel began transferring from Grosseto to Mühldorf/72 km ENE of Munich toward the end of August, this being carried out piecemeal over the course of the month.

11 Sep 43: Ju 90 (J4+EH) force landed in the vicinity of Bad Tölz/S Bavaria due to engine trouble, 100%, 4 injured. Aircraft had been en-route from Mühldorf to Rome.

Oct 43: renamed Transportfliegerstaffel 5 at Mühldorf. By this date, the Staffel had been reduced to 5 Ju 90s and several Piaggio 108-Ts that had been acquired in Italy.

FpN:(L 55285)


Hptm. Hans Haumann (Jan 43 - Jan 43)

Hptm. Heinz Braun (Feb 43 - Jun 43)

Oblt. Gerhard Wasserkampf (Jun 43 - Oct 43)

Also see:

GOESSEL, Hans von, Maj.d.R.

GUTSCHMIDT, Paul, Hptm.(Kr.O.). Pilot. KIA.

HINKES, Heinz, Hptm.(Kr.O.). Pilot. Techn.Offz./LTS 290.

VOGEL, Kurt, Hptm.d.R.

WAGNER, Herbert, Lt./Oblt.(Kr.O.). Pilot.

WISKANDT, Hugo, Maj.d.R. Pilot.

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