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Lufttransportstaffel 40

(Unit Code: 6F+)

Formation. (Feb 45)

Ordered formed 12 February 1945 at Mühldorf/Inn, 72 km ENE of Munich, as Einsatz-Erprobungsstaffel für Hubschrauber. The proposed allowance called for 12 Fa 223 helicopters, 5 officers and 97 men, but few of the helicopters could be provided due to losses at the factory as a result of Allied bombing. A decision was then made the same day to change the proposed name to Stabsstaffel/Transportfliegergruppe 40, to allow for the expansion to Gruppe-strength should a sufficient number of helicopters become available. Formation commenced two days later, on 14 February. The decision to form a helicopter unit was made by Hitler, who saw the Fa 223 as a means of supplying German mountain troops, no doubt in connection with the “Alpenfestung” plans then being developed. It was anticipated that 35 Fa 223s would be completed by the factory at Berlin-Tempelhof and available by mid-1945, with monthly production of 30 thereafter.[1]

Germany and Austria. (Feb 45 - May 45)

Mar 45: on completion of formation and workup, transferred from Mühldorf to Ainring/6 km W of Salzburg around the end of March and remained there until 2 May.[2]

25 Apr 45: at Ainring under Luftflotte 6 with 6 helicopters.[3]

2 May 45: transferred to Aigen/Ennstal as part of the forces being assembled for the “Alpenfestung”. The Staffel’s intended mission was to provide reconnaissance, liaison and transport support for Luftwaffendivision Nordalpen as well as high altitude rescue services, a task for which it already had some experience.

3-6 May 45: Aigen/85 km SSW of Linz with 2 Fa 223s, 2 Fl 282s, 1 Fi 156 and 1 Bf 108. On 6 or 7 May the Staffel departed Aigen and moved to Schwarzach St. Veit/c. 26 km W of Innsbruck, leaving one unserviceable Fl 282 behind at Aigen where it was subsequently blown up by the SS.[4]

8 May 45: capitulation of all German forces - Staffel surrendered to the Americans with helicopters and crews at Schwarzach St. Veit while the ground echelon was still struggling westward from Aigen.

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Hptm. Josef Stangl (14 Feb 45 - 8 May 45)

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