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Luftverkehrsstaffel “Adler”

also as:Sonderstaffel “Adler”
LS-Staffel “Adler”
Lastenseglerstaffel “Adler”
Luftverkehrsgruppe Ludwigslust

Formation. (c. Jun 41)

Formed around June 1941 at Ludwigslust as an auxiliary transport Staffel to be employed as needed. Subordinated to Luftverkehrsgruppe Berlin/RLM. A “Transport Adler Ju 52” seems to have existed during the 1940 campaign in the West (Staka Oblt./Hptm. Walter Junghanns), but it is not certain if this is the same unit. Many of the Staffel’s aircraft carried the markings of active transport units (e.g., 4./KGr.z.b.V. 101, 2./KGr.z.b.V. 9, etc.), so they must have been taken from them. Since its home station was Ludwigslust, it was also known as Luftverkehrsgruppe Ludwigslust.[1]

Germany, Balkans and Russia. (Jun 41 - Dec 41)

Jul 41: Staffel commenced transport missions from Ludwigslust to the Balkans and to airfields all across northern Germany (Halberstadt, Celle, Hagenow, Hildesheim, etc.).

4 Aug 41: Ju 52 belonging to Sonderstaffel “Adler” force landed – location not reported, 40%.

Sep 41: received gliders during the second half of August or early September and began undertaking glider-towing assignments.

12-17 Sep 41: flew transport and glider-towing missions to Riga/Latvia, Pärnu/W Estonia (in support of amphibious operations by land and sea forces (Operation “Beowulf II”) to take the Baltic islands off the west coast of Estonia, Saaremaa (Ösel), Hiiumaa (Dagö) and Muhu (Moon)) and Pskov on the northern sector of the Russian Front. Evacuated wounded on the return flights to Germany.

18 Sep 41: resumed transport mission in northern Germany (Schwerin, Braunschweig-Waggum, Gardelegen, Celle, etc.), these continuing until December.

Nov 41: flew some transport and glider-towing missions on the central sector of the Eastern Front for XI. Fliegerkorps. Several crashes reported in the Orsha-Vitebsk area.

31 Dec 41 Fw 44 belonging to Luftverkehrsstaffel “Adler” force landed at Fp. Perleberg, 85%. There is no mention of the Staffel after this date and it is believed to have been disbanded.

FpN:(none assigned)


Oblt./Hptm. Walter Junghanns ( ? - ? ) 1940

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