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Luftverkehrsstaffel “Habicht”

also as:Sonderstaffel Gerhardt
LS-Staffel “Habicht”

Formation. (Jun 41)

Formed June 1941 at Frankfurt/O. as an auxiliary transport Staffel to be employed as needed. Initially designated Sonderstaffel Gerhardt, but changed to the above a few days later. Equipped with 15 Ju 52s and directly under RLM.[1]

Germany and Russia. (Jun 41 - 1942)

Jun 41: the Staffel flew special transport missions for the Reichsluftfahrtministerium, most of which only involved one or two aircraft at a time. These included picking up critical equipment belonging to the Kriegsmarine in Memel (Klaipėda) on the Baltic and flying it to Amsterdam/Holland, and transporting secret cargo to Spain aboard two Ju 52s that had been stripped of all armament.

Sep 41: after transferring from Frankfurt/O. to Hagenow, received gliders during the second half of August or early September and began undertaking glider-towing assignments, hence the ad hoc designation “LS-Staffel”. Details of the Staffel’s activities from September 1941 to spring 1942 are not known, but presumably they paralleled those of Luftverkehrsstaffel “Adler”.

29 Apr 42: operating under XI. Fliegerkorps, a Ju 52 belong to the Staffel was shot up and crashed near Kholm, evidently while dropping supply containers to the German garrison surrounded in the town or while towing supply gliders to the town, 100%. No further mention of the Staffel has been found.

FpN:(none assigned)


Oblt. Gerhardt (Jun 41 - ? )

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