Luftverkehrsstaffel Staaken

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Luftverkehrsstaffel Staaken

also as:Luftverkehrsgruppe Staaken?

Formation. (c. Jun 41)

Formed about June 1941 at Berlin-Staaken as Luftverkehrsstaffel Staaken by renaming Flugbereitschaft des RLM Under Luftverkehrsgruppe Berlin Equipped with Ju 52s for auxiliary transport duties assigned by the Reichsluftfahrtministerium (RLM) in Berlin. No evidence has come to light yet to suggest that this Staffel ever became a Gruppe.[1]

Germany. (c. Jun 41 - ?)

18 Sep 41 Fh 104 force landed at Passigny/France, 35%.[2]

25 May 42 Ju 52 damaged at Fp. Riga-Spilve in Latvia – no details, 20%.

4 Aug 42: mentioned in Luftwaffenpersonalamt assignment orders this date, so still in existence. However, it is not thought to have remained in existence much past this date.[3]

FpN:(none assigned)


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DÖRRENHAUS, Kurt, Hptm.d.R. Pilot. Offz.z.b.V.

KÖSTER, Johannes, Oblt. Pilot.

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