Luftwaffenkommando Kuban

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Luftwaffenkommando Kuban

(FpN: L 19134)

Kommandierender General und Befehlshaber:

Gen.d.Flieger Otto Dessloch (7 Feb 43 - 8 Mar 43)

Formation and History. (Feb 43 - Mar 43)

Formed o/a 7 February 1943 in North Caucasia, possibly at Slavyanskaya (ex-Luftwaffenkdo. Kaukasus). This was a short-lived name change resulting from the German withdrawal from deep in North Caucasia into the Kuban Bridgehead in the Taman Peninsula. On or about 8 March 1943 it was re-designated Gen.Kdo./I. Flakkorps.[1]

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