Luftwaffenkommando Südost (gliders)

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Luftwaffenkommando Südost

The Luftwaffe General Quartermaster Aircraft Loss Records show 3 miscellaneous entries for July – August 1943. No further information has been found, so it is not known if these 3 Staffeln operated under a Stab or independently, how long they remained in the Balkans or what happened to them.

1.(DFS)/Lw.Kdo. Südost


29.8.43: DFS 230 glider force landed in bad weather SE of Zavidovici/68 km N of Sarajevo in Croatia and then intentionally destroyed to prevent capture, 100%.

1.(Go)/Lw.Kdo. Südost


12.7.43: Go 242 glider crash landed at Salonika-Mega airfield in Greece, 30%.

2.(Go)/Lw.Kdo. Südost


5.7.43: Go 242 force landed SE of Florina in northern Greece, 100%.

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