Nachtfernaufklärungsschwarm West

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Nachtfernaufklärungsschwarm West

Unit Code: (not found)


Formed 22 January 1945 as a provisional night reconnaissance section of four or so aircraft for assignment to Luftwaffenkdo. West (HQ at Limburg/Lahn east of Koblenz). Place of formation and type of aircraft employed is not known, in fact very little is known about this unit. It was declared operational on 27 January, based at Rhein-Main on 24 February and then ordered disbanded on 14 March 1945. This information all comes from the Kriegstagebuch (war journal) of the General der Aufklärungsflieger, so it is authoritative, but there is no information beyond these three cryptic entries (date of formation, date operational and date ordered disbanded).[1]

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Additional Notes and Losses

13.3.45 - dissolution of Nachtfernaufklärungsschwarm West ordered with immediate effect by Gen.d. Aufklärungsflieger.[2]


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