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Nachtjagdraumführer (Night Fighter Sector Controller)

The Nachtjagdraumführer was the combat commander for searchlight-illuminated night fighting within a specific radar-controlled sector. A Himmelbett-Stellung (Himmelbett radar position) had 1 Freya radar, 2 Würzburg Rissen (Würzburg Giant) radars and 2 Y-stations that spotted and tracked an inbound enemy bomber formation, and passed the data to a plotting room where controllers vectored one or 2 night fighters on to the target, which was then intercepted by the fighters. The commanders themselves were mostly supplemental (Ergänzungs-) and reserve officers with staffs comprised overwhelmingly of Luftnachrichten personnel, many of whom were women. Nearly all of these controllers and their staffs were disbanded in early 1944 when the air defence radar system was reorganized.[1]

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Nachtjagdraumführer 1

Nachtjagdraumführer 2

Nachtjagdraumführer 3

Nachtjagdraumführer 4

Nachtjagdraumführer 5

Nachtjagdraumführer 6

Nachtjagdraumführer 7

Nachtjagdraumführer 8

Nachtjagdraumführer 9

Nachtjagdraumführer 10

Nachtjagdraumführer 11

Nachtjagdraumführer 12

Nachtjagdraumführer 100

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Nachtjagdraumführer 104

Nachtjagdraumführer 105

Nachtjagdraumführer 106

Nachtjagdraumführer 107

Nachtjagdraumführer 108

Nachtjagdraumführer 109

Nachtjagdraumführer 110

Nachtjagdraumführer 111

Nachtjagdraumführer 112

Nachtjagdraumführer 114

Nachtjagdraumführer 115

Nachtjagdraumführer 116

Nachtjagdraumführer 117

Nachtjagdraumführer 118

Nachtjagdraumführer 120

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