Nahaufklärungsstaffel 11./11

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Nahaufklärungsstaffel 11./11

(Code: 6M+ )?

Formation. (Nov 43)

Formed approximately November 1943, probably at Fp. Mogilev, Fp. Bobruisk or nearly Fp. Kozinki on the central sector of the Russian Front (ex-Nahaufkl.St. 1.(H)/11). Assigned to NAGr. 15. The Feldpost number was not changed to reflect this new designation until 3 March 1944. Equipped with Focke-Wulf Fw 189 reconnaissance aircraft.[1]

Central Russia. (Nov 43 - Jun 44)

11.43 – 12.43: Bobruisk-Mogilev area assigned to NAGr. 15.

1.12.43: Staffel reported 5 x Fw 189A-2 and 3 x Fw 189A-3 on strength.

2.3.44: based at Mogilev and Bobruisk under NAGr. 15.

6.6.44: as the airfields at Bobruisk and Mogilev became too dangerous, the Staffel is said to have transferred to Paztovichi/50 km W of Bobruisk.

22-26.6.44: withdrew farther to the west as the Soviets opened their massive summer offensive in Belorussia on 22 June.

28.6.44: Baranowicze/E Poland under NAGr. 15.

Poland and Germany. (Jun 44 - May 45)

1.7.44: Staffel reported 6 x Fw 189A-2 and 3 x Fw 189A-3 on strength.

7.44 – 8.44: location of Staffel unclear - in Poland under NAGr. 15 and then NAGr. 8. Flugbuch (flight log) entries posted on the M.Holm web site state that it was operating from Pinsk (4.-8.7.44); Biała-Podlaska (15.-18.7.44); Siedlce/89 km E of Warsaw (18.-24.7.44); Bielany (24.7.44 to 8.44).

7.8.44: now under NAGr. 8 and probably based in the Warsaw area - being used mainly for night reconnaissance. Flugbuch entries place it at Topolowa/42 km west of Warsaw from early August to December 1944.

29.11.44: at Topolowa/N Poland with 6(6) FW 189s under NAG 8.

1.12.44: Staffel reported 6 x Fw 189A-2 and 2 x Fw 189A-3 on strength.

22.2.45: Fw 189A-2 shot down by AA-fire over Seelow/c.70 km E of Berlin, 100%, 3 WIA.

1.3.45: at Friedersdorf/38 km SE of Berlin under NAGr. 8, and still there on 29 March.

28.4.45: still listed as assigned to NAGr. 8 with Fw 189s. By this date, NAGr. 8 had withdrawn to Schleswig-Holstein and was based at Hohn; whether NASt. 11./11 was also there is not known.

FpN: NASt. 11./11 (L 28033).


Hptm. Hans-Ulrich? Hoffmann (  ? - 8 May 45) 4/45

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Aufklärungsgruppe 11