Nahaufklärungsstaffel 12./12

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Nahaufklärungsstaffel 12./12

(Code: H1+ )?

Formation. (Apr 43)

Formed April 1943, probably at Fp. Smolensk-North or Smolensk-South on the central sector of the Russian Front (ex-2.(H)/Aufkl.Gr. 12). Equipped with Henschel Hs 126 reconnaissance aircraft.[1]

Central Russia. (Apr 43 - Jun 44)

4.6.43: Hs 126A-l shot down by a fighter S of Radyukino, 100%, 2 KIA.

28.6.43: under NAGr. 5 in support of 4. Armee, and probably based at Shatalovka-East.

1.7.43: Staffel reported 9 x Hs 126B-1 on strength.

1.9.43: now under NAGr. 4 - Hs 126 shot down in air battle over Sihilovichi, 40%, Obit. Bernd Linke (pilot) KIA.

5.10.43: Hs 126B-l force landed west of Lobanin, 10%.

10.10.43: Hs 126 damaged taking off from Fp. Orsha-South, 25%.

29.11.43: Hs 126 crash landed at Fp. Orsha, 15%.

30.11.43: Hs 126 accidently shot down by a German rocket projector in Pl.Qu.5428, 100%, 1 killed and 1 injured.

12.43: Orsha-South under NAGr.4.

1.12.43: Staffel reported 8 x Hs 126B-1 on strength.

2.3.44: now based at Mogilev under NAGr.15.

4.44: unconfirmed sources state that the Staffel was divided between Orsha-South and Mogilev during the latter part of April and early May.

1.6.44: Mogilev - Staffel reported 8 x Hs 126B-1 on strength.

Poland and Germany. (Jun 44 - Aug 44)

25.6.44: Staffel ordered to transfer immediately from Mogilev to Pinsk-West. The Soviets commenced their massive summer offensive in Belorussia on 22 June and the Germans were forced to evacuate airfields in the path of advancing tank spearheads.

27.6.44: at Pinsk-West under NAGr.15 with Hs 126s.

28.6.44: Pinsk-Halevo under NAGr.15.

7.-8.44: the Staffel moved frequently as the Russians drove westward toward the Vistula, and according to Flugbücher (flight logs) occupied the following airfields: Brest-Litovsk (8.7.44 – 11.7.44); Kaunas/Lithuania (11.7.44 – 15.7.44); and, Raczki/13 km SW of Suwałki in northeast Poland (15.7.44 – 27.7.44)).

27.7.44: ordered to transfer to Bayreuth-Bindlach in Germany to rest, refit and await further orders.

31.8.44: now at Herzogenaurach/Bavaria under NAGr.6; believed disbanded in early September and the personnel used in the formation of 1. and 2./NAGr.6, which was completely reorganized and subsequently re-equipped with the Me 262 jet.

FpN:NASt. 12./12 (L 15894).


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