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Gunter Pannwitz was born on August 9, 1913 and has been missing in action since July 21, 1944.

He joined the Military on April 1, 1933. His Soldbuch, issued on September 1, 1939 indicates that he started his career in the Aufklärungsgruppe 122 on August 25, 1939 and ends with him being Gruppenkommandeur of the same unit commencing December 14, 1943 and up to the time he was missing in action on July 21, 1944.

His awards include the Medalla de la Campana Cruz de la Guerra, Spanish Cross in Gold, Iron Cross 2nd Class, Iron Cross 1st Class, Frontflugspange fuer Aufklaerer in Bronze and Flugzeugfuehrer and Beobachterabzeichen.

A second issue of his Observer License was dated March 10, 1944 in the rank of Major. This was a second issue as his first license, issued in the Summer of 1936 was lost due to him having been shot down.

His final Pilot License, was dated March 20, 1944 in the rank of Major. Again this was a second issue as the first one, issued on November 13, 1941 was lost in action.

From a link provided by Rob van den Nieuwendijk dated 12/02/05


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