Personelle Rüstung Abteilung der Gen.St.d.Lw. (9. Abt.)

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Personelle Rüstung Abteilung der Gen.St. der Lw. (9. Abteilung)

(Personnel Resources Branch of the General Staff of the Air Force (9th Branch))


Oberst i.G. Werner Henning (21 Jan 45 - 28 Apr 45)


Established 21 January 1945 under the Generalquartiermeister/Gen.St.d.Lw. and existed side-by-side with the Organisationsabteilung (2.Abteilung). Dr. Horst Boog and other sources provide no details on this branch, so the translation given above is uncertain. It might also be translated as Personal Equipment Branch, Personnel Preparedness Branch or Personnel Mobilization Branch. The sudden appearance of this new branch in the final chaotic three and a half months of the war, and the fact that it had some relationship with the Organisationsabteilung, suggests that it might have been concerned with the mobilization and intake of the last manpower remnants in the Reich.[1]

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