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Arana, Eduardo - items provided via e-mail

Beale, Nick et al – Air War Italy 1943-45 (Airlife) – operational details plus operational strength tables.

Bergstom/Mikhailov – Black Cross/Red Star v2 (Pacifica Military History) – general references.

Bowyer, Michael J. – Air Raid (PSL) – operational entries, losses etc.

Brown, Melvin – various papers.

Cornwell, Peter - The Battle of France Then and Now

Dierich, Wolfgang – Die Verbande Der Luftwaffe (Motorbuch Verlag) – Operational overview.

Cull, Brian et al – Spitfires Over Sicily (Grub Street) – combat losses.

Forman, John – The Battle of Britain, the Forgotten Months.(AirResearch) - losses

Green, William – Warplanes of the Third Reich (MacDonald) – aircraft/operational details.

Harms, Oliver – papers relating to Karl-Heinz Klinke (2(F)./122) – grandfather.

Hayward, Joel S – Stopped at Stalingrad (Kansas University Press) – details of specific operations.

Holm, Michael – The Luftwaffe 1939-45 (Web Site) – Unit Details plus “Flugzeugbestand und Bewegungsmeldungen” for Stab and each Staffel (Strength returns and operated aircraft types). “Einsatzbereitschaft im Bereich Luftflotte 6”

Hooton, E. R. – Phoenix Triumphant (Brockhampton Press) – general references.

Hooton, E. R. – Eagle in Flames (Brockhampton Press) – general references.

Horta, Ruy et al – Twelve O’clock High Luftwaffe Discussion Page (Web Site) – discussion entries.

Ketley, Barry and Rolfe, Mark – Luftwaffe Emblems (Hikoki Pubs) – emblem details.

Mason, Frances K. – Battle over Britain (McWirter Twins) – operational entries, personnel etc

MacKay, Ron – Ju 88 (Crowood) – operational references and losses.

MacKay, Ron – Me 110 (Crowood) – operational references and losses.

Mombeek, Eric – Luftwaffe – A Pictorial History (The Crowood Press) – single loss detail.

Norman, Bill – Luftwaffe Over the North (Leo Cooper) – loss detail.

Price, Alfred – The Luftwaffe Data Book (Greenhill Books) – Orders of Battle and strength returns.

Ramsay, Winston (Ed) – The Blitz, Then and Now Vol 1, 2 and 3 (After the Battle Publications) – losses.

Ramsay, Winston (Ed) – The Battle of Britain, Then and Now (After the Battle Publications) – losses.

Rosch, Barry C - Luftwaffe Codes, Markings and Units 1939-45 (Schiffer) – Unit details, dates etc.

Shores, Christopher et al – Fighters over Tunisia (Neville Spearman) – operations, losses etc

Shores, Christopher et al – Fledgling Eagles (Grub Street) – operational details.

SIG Luftwaffe (Web Page) – Strength Returns and operated aircraft types 1944 – 45.

Smith, J.R. et al – German Aircraft of the Second World War (Putman) - aircraft/operational details.

Tracanelli, Remi – additional loss data from personal database derived from BA/MA documentation.

Ullman, Michael – Luftwaffe Colours 1935-45 (Hikoki Pubs)– operational/aircraft details.

Wadman, David & Georg Hopp – Me 410 Incidents (private papers) – losses, aircrew names etc.

deZeng IV, Henry L – private papers.

AI1(K) 193/1940 via Melvin Brown.

AI1(K) 220/1940 via Melvin Brown.

AI1 (K) 802/1940 via Melvin Brown

AI1(K) 960/1940 and AI1(K) 970/1940 via Melvin Brown

AIR 20/8534 – The History of FAG 122 in the Mediterranean – via Dave Wadman

BA-MA RL2 II/301S via Andrew Arthy

Various WASt documents via Melvin Brown

PRO AIR24/1000 – MFIU/HQ/CSDIC/38 Containing an Order of Battle of 4(F)./122 (Copy of document supplied by Nick Beale.)

Tageseinsatz Fliegerführer Süd am 23.2.42