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Listed Below are useful links for anyone researching the Luftwaffe of World War II.


Twelve O'Clock High

Axis History Forum

Gentleman's Military Interest Club


Abandoned and Little Known Airfields in Europe

Airfield Information Exchange

Fliegerhorste, Flugplätze und Einsatzhäfen Abandoned Places

Military Airfield Directory

Document Sources

Numbered USAF Historical Studies

Air Force History Index - Luftwaffe

World War II Photo/Maps - Target Dossiers


RAF Combat Reports

Combined Arms Research Library - Digital Library

Specialist Book Sources


The Aviation Bookshop

Christian Schmidt

Grub Street

Helion and Company

The History Press


Stempel Datenbank, enter the Fp number (oder Nummer eines Nummernstempels)


World War II Photo/Maps - German Situation Maps - a huge map archive

University of Paris, digitised map archive

Mapster - a very big map resource for German maps

Searchable maps of France

Place Names

German Names for European Towns/Cities

Alsace-Lorraine German-French Town Names

Bavarian Gazetteer

Hohenzollern Gazetteer




Württemberg Gazetteer

Former German Towns now in Poland, Russia or Lithuania

Names of Settlements in Lithuania Minor

Specialist Web Sites

Dan's Air Land Battle Blog - interesting article on the loss of a Ju 188D-2 in the east

Air Battle over Kursk 1943

Chronik des Seekrieges 1939-45

Kracker Luftwaffe Archive

Luftwaffe Over the Bristol Area

Bookie's Focke-Wulf 190 and Ta 152 page Andrew Arthy's detailed look at the Fw 190

Ghostbombers Nick Beale's Luftwaffe History site.

Gradnetzmeldeverfahren conversion

Foundation for German communication and related technologies

Gyges This comprehensive site covers some World War II aspects of: Command and control of Kriegsmarine units and Luftwaffe fighter command and control facilities in Europe

heraldry of the World, Germany

Hugo Junkers Home Page

The Luftwaffe 1939-45 Comprehensive catalogue of Units, bases etc. Including the incomparable Luftwaffe Officer Career Summaries

SIG Luftwaffe

Military Photos

Nordic Aviation During World War II

Stormbirds A confederation of Luftwaffe-related web sites

Warbirds Resource Group - Luftwaffe Pages

World War II Timelines