Seenotbereichskommando VII

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Seenotbereichskommando VII

Formation and History. (Jun 42 - Aug 44)

Formed (new) 1 June 1942 at Riga/Latvia. Subordinated to Seenotdienstführer 1. Exercised tactical control over sea rescue assets deployed in the eastern Baltic area and the Gulf of Finland. Probably moved from Riga to Tallinn-Laksberg/Estonia during the second half of 1942 while maintaining small sea rescue reporting centers at Liepāja (Libau)/NW Latvia and Helsinki/Finland. Transferred to Pillau/East Prussia around March 1944. Disbanded on 19 August 1944.1

FpN: (none assigned)


Maj. Leo Neumann (c. Sep 42 - 26 Jan 43)

Maj. Paul Roth (27 Jan 43 - 19 Aug 44?)

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