Seenotbereichskommando XII

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Seenotbereichskommando XII

Formation and History. (Jun 42 - Aug 44)

Formed 1 June 1942 at Constanţa/Romania by renaming Seenotzentrale (L) Schwarzes Meer. Acted independently and not subordinated to a more senior Seenotdienst command. Exercised tactical control over sea rescue assets deployed in the Black Sea area. In addition to its 8. Seenotstaffel and Seenotflottille 12, the Stab had two Fw 58s (later increased to 4 or 5) assigned directly that were used to spot wrecks and drop survival gear and supplies. Moved from Constanţa to Eupatoria/Crimea between 1 and 17 Aug 42, but returned to Constanţa on 3 Nov 43 following the German evacuation of the Taman Peninsula and the increasing Soviet threat to Crimea. On 24 November, the Stab was ordered to Bolshov Fontan on the outskirts of Odessa so as to better coordinate sea rescue activities over the northwestern Black Sea area. Returned to Constanţa as German forces prepared to abandon Odessa as Soviet forces approached. Ordered disbanded on 19 August 1944, the Stab evacuated Constanţa on 25 August following the Soviet offensive into Romania and that country’s changing of sides a few days later. After a few days in Varna/Bulgaria, the personnel of the disbanded Stab gradually found their way back to Germany over the next month or two.[1]

FpN: (L 01792)


Obstlt. Julius Hansing (1 Jun 42 - Sep 43)

Maj. Fritz Aigner (Sep 43 - 19 Aug 44)

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