Seenotdienstführer 1

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Seenotdienstführer 1

Formation and History. (Jun 42 - Aug 44)

Formed o/a 1 June 1942 at Wilhelmshaven-Sengwarden from the Stäbe (staffs) of the disbanded Seenotdienstführer Mitte and II./Seenotgruppe. Exercised control over all sea rescue assets in the North Sea and Baltic maritime districts off the North German coast. Location remained unchanged until it was disbanded on 19 August 1944.[1]

FpN: (L 21186)


Oberst Adolf Bartels (01.06.42 - 31.12.42?)

Obstlt.(?) William Freudenberg (01.01.43 - 22.03.44?)

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