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KStN ? (L) Seenotflottille (Sea Rescue Flotilla)

KStN 1500 (L) and KStN 1510 (L) Seenotergänzungsflottille (Sea Rescue Reserve Training Flotilla)

This was the rescue boat service of the Seenotdienst. It employed hundreds of small craft over the course of the war, ranging from tiny 2-man motorboats up to 65-ton launches with a crew of 10 (there is a full listing of these in Jung et al, pages 205-23). The first of the Seenotflottillen appears to have been formed (or ordered formed) on 1 June 1942, which was the date of the order directing a major reorganization of the Seenotdienst. The Seenotzentrale (L)s were replaced by the numbered Seenotbereichskommandos, the Seenotstaffeln became independent, and the rescue boat service, which previously had been a component of the Seenotzentrale (L), was formed into independent Seenotflottillen.


Seenotflottille 1

Seenotflottille 2

Seenotflottille 3

Seenotflottille 4

Seenotflottille 5

Seenotflottille 6

Seenotflottille 7

Seenotflottille 8

Seenotflottille 9

Seenotflottille 10

Seenotflottille 11

Seenotflottille 12

Seenotflottille 13

Seenotflottille 20

Seenotflottille 40

Seenotflottille 50

Seenotflottille 51

Seenotflottille 60

Seenotflottille 70

Seenotflottille 80

Seenotflottille 81


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