Seenotflottille 60

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Seenotflottille 60

Formation and History. (Aug 44 - May 45)

Ordered formed 19 August 1944 at Pillau/East Prussia by renaming Seenotflottille 7. Belonged to Seenotgruppe 60 but operated mainly under Seenotgruppe 81. From fall 1944, the Flottille was fully committed transporting supplies to the cut off and isolated German garrison at Memel (Klaipėda) and evacuating wounded on the return run to Pillau in its sea rescue motor launches. After the Soviets took Memel on 28-29 Jan 45, the Flottille evacuated refugees from East Prussia to Pomeranian ports, and then especially distinguishing itself in the evacuation of Kolberg (Kołobrzeg) in mid-March. Transferred to Bug auf Rügen in mid-April and then moved to Guldborg/Lolland in South Denmark where it surrendered to the British 6-8 May 1945.[1]

FpN: (none found)

Führer: Hptm. Erich Schirmack (19 Aug 44 - 8 May 45)

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