Seenotstaffel 60

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Seenotstaffel 60

(Unit Code: W4+)

Formation and History. (Aug 44 – May 45)

Ordered formed 19 August 1944 at Pillau in East Prussia as a component of Seenotgruppe 60 by renaming 1. Seenotstaffel. No information has been found concerning the activities of the Staffel aside from what follows. It remained at Pillau until around mid-April 1945, but it’s not known where it went after that and it may well have been disbanded around that time. The Staffel was equipped with Do 24s and Me 410s, the latter flying search missions and dropping rafts and other survival equipment to people in the water. On 24 January 1945, an Me 410 A-1 belonging to it was totaled when it struck the ground at Fp. Heiligenbeil/East Prussia while taking off or attempting to land. Heiligenbeil was taken by the Russians on 24 March and Pillau fell on 25 April, so the Staffel presumably departed the area between those two dates if it had not already been disbanded.[1]

FpN:(L 63884)


Hptm. Ansgar Wiesner (Dec 44 - May 45)

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