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Seenotstaffel 70

(Unit Code: 1M+)

Formation. (Aug 44 - Sep 44)

Ordered formed 19 August 1944 at Athens-Phaleron by renaming 7. Seenotstaffel. Belonged to Seenotgruppe 70 ordered formed the same date. Equipped with Do 24 flying boats.[1]

Greece and the Aegean. (Aug 44 - Oct 44)

27-30 Aug 44: Seenotstaffel 40 (formerly 8. Seenotstaffel) was transferred from Varna/Bulgaria to Salonika/Greece with 8 Do 24Ts, disbanded, and its assets incorporated into Seenotstaffel 70. The evacuation of German personnel from the widely scattered islands of the Aegean now began in earnest, and by the end of October around 3,000 had been picked up and flown to Athens and Salonika. But not without cost. RAF night intruders claimed 3 of the reinforced Staffel's Do 24s during the last week of September and there were further losses in October.

20 Sep 44: Do 24T (1M+AC) crashed into Suda Bay during a night transport flight, 5 KIA.[2]

26 Sep 44: Do 24T (1M+RR) shot down N of Crete, probably by AA fire from Allied ships, 100%, 6 MIA, including Staffelkapitän Oblt. Glinkemann.

1 Oct 44: Do 24T (J9+CA) crashed into the sea E of Milos Is. while transporting 26 soldiers away from the island, 100%, 3 killed, remainder of crew and passengers rescued.

3 Oct 44: Do 24T (Q8+AE or EA -ex-6.Seenotstaffel) shot up and heavily damaged by an RAF Beaufighter en-route from Crete to Athens-Phaleron.

6 Oct 44: Do 24 T-3 (1M+RK) destroyed S of Athens-Kalamaki - no details, 100%, 5 killed.

7 Oct 44: at Athens-Phaleron with 10 Do 24s - the Staffel's Do 24T (J9+DA) and crew rescued 27 survivors of the German torpedo boat TA 37 (ex- Italian torpedo boat Gladio) sunk this date by the British destroyers HMS Termagant and Tuscan in the Aegean, and brought them to Salonika-Mikra.[3]

7 Oct 44: Do 24T crashed near Athens-Phaleron, 100%, 5 killed.

10 Oct 44: Do 24T (J9+FA) crashed on take-off at Milos Is., 100%, 5 killed and 2 injured.

17 Oct 44: Do 24T (1M+IQ) shot down by Allied fighters near Volos/NE Greece, 100%, 6 KIA.

17 Oct 44: Do 24T (J9+EA) shot up and damaged by fighters near Volos, 1 KIA.

17-18 Oct 44: departed Athens-Phaleron and flew north to join the contingent at Salonika.

19 Oct 44: Do 24T (J9+AA) crashed on landing in Mikra Bay near Salonika, 100%, Lt. Werner Büchner + 2 injured, 3 killed.

23/24 Oct 44: the entire Staffel departed from Salonika during the night with 6 serviceable Do 24s bound for Vienna. Subsequently, these were flown to Lake Chiemsee near Salzburg, moored, and then later shot-up and destroyed by Allied fighter-bombers. The Staffel was disbanded shortly after parking the aircraft on Lake Chiemsee, and its Feldpostnummer officially deleted on 13 January 1945.

FpN:(L 40022)


Oblt. Hans Glinkemann (Aug 44 - 26 Sep 44) MIA

Oblt. Karl-Heinz Daehn (27 Sep 44 - Jan 45)

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