Seenotstaffel 80

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Seenotstaffel 80

(Unit Code: F4+)

Formation. (Aug 44 - Sep 44)

Ordered formed 19 August 1944 at Norderney in the West Frisian Islands and at Jever near Wilhelmshaven by renaming 4. Seenotstaffel. Belonged to Seenotgruppe 80. Equipped with Do 24s, Me 410s and possibly some Do 18s.[1]

North Germany. (Aug 44 - May 45)

29 Sep 44: Staffel claimed an RAF Wellington at 1205 hrs. This was one of several Wellingtons claimed shot down by the Staffel and they are believed to have been RAF Coastal Command aircraft flying at low altitude near the coast, probably on minelaying sorties, and probably brought down by the Staffel’s Me 410s.[2]

7 Oct 44: claimed another Wellington at 1300 hrs.

8 Oct 44: claimed 2 Wellingtons at 100-500 meters altitude between 1150 and 1158 hrs.

Mar 45: Staffel (less its outlying Kdos.) transferred from Norderney to List/Sylt.[3]

25 Apr 45: Staffel had 7(6) Do 24s at List/Sylt, 2(2) Do 24s at Hörnum/Sylt, 1(1) Do 24 at Norderney, 1(1) Do 24 at Aalborg (Ålborg)/N Denmark and 7(6) Me 410s at Westerland/Sylt.[4]

5-8 May 45: surrendered to the Allies. One very shaky source states that the Staffel transferred to Großsenbrode in Schleswig-Holstein a few days prior to the surrender, and this sounds entirely plausible.[5]

FpN:(L 13783)


Hptm. Otto Ossowski (Nov 44 - May 45)

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