Seenotzentrale (L) Schwarzes Meer

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Seenotzentrale (L) Schwarzes Meer

Formation and History. (Jun 41 - Jun 42)

Formed o/a 5 June 1941 at Constanţa-Mamaia in Romania by renaming Seenotzentrale (L) Aegaeisches Meer. Responsible for air-sea rescue operations in the Black Sea area. On 8 Jul 41, a Fw 58 (TA+NA) belonging to the Stab helped search for survivors from 6 Soviet DB-3 bombers shot down over Constanţa harbour. The first of two rescue boats assigned to the Stab arrived at Constanţa on 11 July. Three Ar 196s from Aufkl.Gr. 126 were temporarily attached to the Stab on 23 July to reinforce reconnaissance and rescue tasks. The Stab began setting up a branch seaplane base at Varna/Bulgaria on 30 July. Directly subordinated to the Stab were 8. Seenotstaffel, 2 Fw 58s and the two rescue boats, according to a report dated 31 Aug 41. From Sep 41 to May 42, activities slowed considerably as the southern sector of the Eastern Front shifted eastward. On 8 Apr 42, one of the Stab’s Fw 58s was bombed on the ground at Saki/Crimea and damaged 30%. Ordered renamed Seenotbereichskdo. o/a 1 June 1942.[1]

FpN: (L 01792)

Leiter: Maj. Max-Georg Fengler (5 Jun 41 - Dec 41)

Maj. Julius Hansing (Dec 41 - 31 May 42)

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