Sonderaufklärungsstaffel d. Ob.d.L.

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Sonderaufklärungsstaffel d. Ob.d.L.

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Formation and History

Formed about February-March 1944, probably at Berlin or Oranienburg. Intended for strategic reconnaissance over Great Britain, the Staffel was sent to Luftflotte 3 in March and based at Paris-Orly with a motley collection of diverse aircraft, including one of only perhaps two Arado Ar 240s to be used in the West.

Remained in France only to June and then returned to Germany. Although details are lacking, it may have been a provisional Staffel put together by Versuchsverband Ob.d.L. Nothing is known about the Staffel's operations. [1]

FpN: Sd.Aufkl.St.d.Ob.d.L. (none found).


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