Sonderkommando Braunegg

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Sonderkommando Braunegg

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Formation date and place unknown, but possibly o/a May 1944 (1 November 1944?) at Lechfeld in Bavaria. Another source states that it was formed November 1944 at Münster-Handorf with Me 262 A-1a/U3 single-seat reconnaissance jets. It was a small provisional detachment of Messerschmitt Me 262 jets assembled for reconnaissance tasks in the West, and in fact may have been a component of 1. (Einsatz-) /Versuchsverband OKL, which suggests that it was mainly interested in evaluating the usefulness of the Me 262 in the reconnaissance role.


6.11.44: transferred from Lechfeld to Rheine in northwest Germany. [1]

27.11.44: reported 5(3) Me 262s and 4 pilots on strength. [2]

30.11.44: ordered transferred to Schwäbisch Hall for assignment to 5.Jagddivision. [3]

15.12.44: possibly renamed Sonderkommando Panther o/a this date. [4].

30.1.45: Schwäbisch Hall - Sd.Kdo. Panther or Sd.Kdo. Braunegg incorporated into Stab and 2./NAGr. 6 on 6.2.45. [5].

11.2.45: Einsatzkommando Braunegg identified as a component of l.(Eins.)/Versuchsverband OKL, according to an order issued by the Organisations-Abt.(2.Abt.)/OKL this date. The last three entries above are confusing and contradictory, so no conclusion can be drawn vet as to the final disposition of Sd.Kdo. Braunegg. However, the following locations taken from the Flugbücher (flight logs) of pilots assigned to Braunegg is offered for considernation: [6]

19.3.45: transferred to Münster-Handorf (to 1.4.45).

1.4.45: transferred to Burg bei Magdeburg (to 12.4.45).

10.4.45: a number of its aircraft destroyed on the ground in a U.S. air attack.

12.4.45: remaining aircraft and personnel transferred to Lärz where it is said that it took over some aircraft previously assigned to JG 7.

23.4.45: transferred from Lärz to Kaltenkirchen (to 29.4.45).

29.4.45: tramsferred to Schleswig-Land (to 8.5.45).

FpN: Sd.Kdo. Braunegg (none found).


Oblt./Hptm. Herward Braunegg (11.44 - 6.2.45)

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