Sonderkommando Götz

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Sonderkommando Götz

Unit Code: (T9 + )


Formed end of July 1944 at Oranienburg/Brandenburg with Arado Ar 234 twin-engined jets and personnel taken from Versuchsverband OKL, mainly 1.Staffel. [1]

France and Germany

28.7.44: departed Oranienburg for Juvincourt/France with 2 Ar 234s and 25-30 men. [2]

2.8.44: flew the world's first jet reconnaissance sortie, making multiple high altitude passes over the Normandy invasion area - the flight was carried out by Oblt. Erich Sommer. [3]

27.8.44: after completing 14 Ar 234 sorties from Juvincourt, transferred to Chievres in Belgium during the general retreat from France, to Volkel/Holland a few days later and then to Rheine in NW Germany on 3 September.[4]

9.9.44: under the tactical control of Stab/Aufkl.Gr. 123 effective this date and assigned to work closely with 6.(F)/123.[5]

10.9.44: flew a photo reconnaissance sortie over the Thames Estuary and London, followed by others over ports and airfields in South England in search of signs of any build-up that might indicate a forthcoming Allied invasion of the Netherlands. [6].

26.9.44: flew reconnaissance of Allied airfields in the Paris-Reims area and the bridges at Beringen on the Albert Canal/NE Belgium. [7].

29.9.44: flew reconnaissance of the Thames Estuary and airfields in SE England.[8]

1.10.44: expanded and renamed Sonderkommando Sperling o/a this date. [9]

FpN: Sd.Kdo. Götz (none found).


Hptm. Horst Götz (7/44 - 9/44)

Also see:

SOMMER, Erich, Oblt.

ZIESE, Wolfgang, Lt.

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