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Sonderkommando Hecht ('"Pike'" as in fish)

Unit Code: (T9 + )


Formed o/a 10 November 1944 at Biblis/Hesse near Worms as a strategic reconnaissance detachment of Sonderkommando Sperling. Equipped with a single Arado Ar 234B-1 jet (T9+IH) and set up specifically to cover the area between Switzerland and Luxembourg. [1]


24.11.44: Biblis with 1 Ar 234 and one pilot on strength. [2].

3.12.44: for its first operational sortie, ordered to fly reconnaissance of the Mulhouse-Belfort-Basel area for Luftwaffenkdo. West, but heavy cloud cover necessitated that this be changed to the Maas Valley as far as Liege. [3]

24.12.44: forced to transfer temporarily to Rheine after Biblis heavily bombed and rendered unserviceable this date. [4]

10.1.45: still under Lw.Kdo.West with a single Ar 234 and not very active, probably due to the weather. [5]

1/45: ordered to begin training Aufkl.St. 1.(F)/100 pilots on the Ar 234.[6]

1.2.45: at Biblis with 6 Ar 234s now - ordered disbanded this date, with all aircraft to be handed over to 1.(F)/100 and all personnel to be reassigned to Sonderkommando Sommer for duty in Italy.[7].

FpN: Sd.Kdo. Hecht (none found).


Oblt. Erich Sommer (11/44? - 1/45)

Also see:

LOAH, Wolfgang, Oblt., Führer (1.45 - 2.45)

MÄNHARDT, Manfred, Oblt.

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