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Special Staff Crimea

Commander - General der Flieger Robert Ritter von Greim.

Jan 1942 - Established by Luftflotte 4 at Sarabus Russkiy which was also the headquarters of 11th Armee which Sonderstab Krim was to support.

The following units were controlled by Sonderstab Krim:-

4./122 at Nikolayev

Stab./JG 77 at Sarabus

3./JG 77 at Sarabus

II./St.G.77 at Sarabus (from 19-23 Jan 1942)

III./St.G.77 at Sarabus

III./KG 27 at Kherson (from 19.- 23 Jan 1942 and from 2 Feb 1942)

III./KG 51 at Nikolayev (from 19.- 23 Jan 1942 and from 2 Feb 1942)

I./KG 100 at Saki (after 26 Jan 1942)

FliegerFührer Sud (Oberst Wolfgang von Wild) was also included under the command of Sonderstab Krim as it controlled a torpedo bomber unit and also a sea recce unit which would be useful additions during anti-amphibious operations.

Operational strengths of the assigned units were extremely low, for example:-

III./KG 51 had 4 aircraft operational.

4./122 had one operational aircraft out of its actual strength of 14 aircraft.

XXX and XXXXII Korps together with the Rumanian VII Korps were to recapture Feodosiya and the Kerch peninsula.

The principle missions of Sonderstab Krim included:-

(a) To maintain reconnaissance over the Black Sea and the coastal areas of the Crimean Peninsula.

(b) To attack and disrupt Russian supply and troop movements traveling by sea and ice road toward the west.

(c) Attack troop concentrations in the Parpach position and the rear areas and especially in and around Kerch.

(d) To carry out fighter attacks against Russian airfields close to the front lines.

15 Jan 1942 - the attack commenced.

18 Jan 1942 - Feodosiya re-captured.

11 Feb 1942 – Goering ordered the disbandment of Sonderstab Krim.

During its month of existence in Crimea, Sonderstab Krim claimed the destruction of 25,000 tons of enemy shipping, 76 enemy aircraft, 335 vehicles, 14 artillery batteries plus several trains and a number of other installations.[1]


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