Sonderstaffel (G.S.) 2

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Sonderstaffel (G.S.) 2

Code: (W6 +), which was carried only on the Me 321 gliders.

(From 1942 as: GS-Kommando 2)


L 22 747 (*June 1941. +14 Sep 1944).


Formed June 1941 as a ferry unit to tow Me 321 gliders that had a large load capacity from Germany to users at the front. The first He 111Z/Me 321 tow-combinations (or glider trains) departed for the East in mid-January 1943 by way of Rzeszow (Reichshof)/South Poland, Zhitomir/Ukraine, Poltava/Ukraine, Donetsk (Stalino), and then to Makeyevka (13 km. NE Donetsk). One of the He 111Z pilots was Leutnant Hans Dittebrandt. By 23 January 1943, two He 111Z/ Ме 321 combinations had arrived at Makeyevka, but it was too late to use them to supply Stalingrad so they were transferred to Bagerovo/Crimea a few days later to take part in a large-scale supply operation into the Kuban bridgehead in North Caucasia operating under VIII Fliegerkorps. A strength return of 31 January 1943 shows 4 He 111Z and 3 Me 321 at Bagerovo under GS-Kdo. 2. Between 1 and 12 February, several dozen He 111Z/Me 321 and Не 111Z/Go 242 flights were made between Bagerovo and unimproved landing grounds at Timashevskaya (70 km. north of Krasnodar) and Slavyanskaya (NE Krasnodar), bringing in supplies and flying out troops and wounded. There is no record of further supply flights after this date, although GS-Kdo. 2 remained at Bagerovo until early April 1943.

A review of all Ob.d.L./Oberquartiermeister (6.Abteilung) loss reports between mid-January and the end of April 1943 revealed no entries for lost or damaged He 111Zs during this period. However, one Me 321 belonging to GS-Kdo. 2 was reported as having crashed at Zaporozhye/South on the return flight to Germany in early April, and was written off as a total loss (100%). It was probably in-tow behind a He 111Z, and it crashed after being released to land on the airfield. Once back in Germany, it refitted, and then moved to France to participate in the airlift of parachute units to Sicily. Following severe losses in the 12th Air Force B-17 attack on Istres on 17 August, it moved north to Dijon where it was disbanded in December 1943. All of its Не 111Z tug aircraft were handed over to 4 Staffel/LLG 2. [1]

Commanding Officers

Oblt. Baumann ( - )7/41

Hptm. Hans(?) Pohl ( - )7/43


Leipheim (6/41- 11/41)

Merseburg/S of Halle (11/41 – 1942)11/41

Obertraubling/SE Regensburg (1942 - 1/43)

Makeyevka/S.Russia (1/43 - 2/43)

Bagerovo/Crimea (2/43 - 4/43)

Obertraubling (4/43 - 5/43)

Reims/NE France (5/43 - 6/43)

Istres/S.France (6/43 - 9/43)

Dijon/E.France (9/43 - 12/43)

Equipment and Returns

Bf 110Cs (1941); He 111Z's and Me 321 gliders (1942-43).

Reported 5 He 111Zs and 10 Me 321s on strength 10 Jul. 1943 and 10 Nov. 1943.

Representative Losses – Sonderstaffel (G.S.) 2

9.7.41: Me 321 reported unserviceable at Günzburg/23 km ENE of Ulm due to technical problems, 10%.

12.10.41: Me 321 made an emergency landing near Torgau due to technical problems, 30%.
8.11.41: Bf 110 crashed at Obertraubling due to a bad take-off, 80%, 2 injured.

2.5.43: He 111 crashed and burned at Obertraubling, 100%, 3 killed.

29.5.43: Me 321 crashed west of Ambérieux/20 km NW of Lyon, 80%.

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Distinctions and Remarks

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