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Stab/Aufkl.Gr. 125 (2d Formation)

(Unit Code 7R+)

Formation and History. (April 1941 - May 1941)

Formed 29 March or 1 April 1941 at Kiel-Holtenau (new) as the Stab (headquarters and staff) for a maritime reconnaissance group. During its two years of existence, the Stab usually had a mixed complement of 1 to 3 Ar 196s and He 114s assigned to it.[1]

Eastern Baltic. (June 1941 - November 1941)

22 June 1941: Stab either at Fischhausen or Pillau, both near Königsberg/East Prussia, under Fliegerführer Ostsee for the attack on the Soviet Union beginning this date. Over the next five months, the Stab exercised command over anti-submarine patrols flown over the eastern Baltic and took part in the German amphibious assault on the islands off the west coast of Estonia in September.

2 July 1941: Stab now at Prowehren/8 km north-west of Königsberg.

13 July 1941: Stab transferred to Riga/Latvia.

4 August 1941: Do 18D (CC+VA) assigned to the Stab reported missing over the Baltic, 100%, 3 killed and 1 rescued.

15 September 1941: Stab now temporarily at Pärnu/Estonia for the invasion of the Estonian islands (Hiiumaa and Saaremaa, 6 September - 22 October).

11 November 1941: Stab transferred to Pillau/East Prussia to rest and refit in early November and then ordered to the Black Sea area on 22 November, eventually ending up in Constanta/Romania.

South Russia and Black Sea. (December 1941 - May 1943)

January 1942: Stab at Constanta/Romania and remained there to May 1943. From Constanta, the Stab exercised command and control over reconnaissance operations flown over the western Black Sea area and in this capacity was often referred to as Aufklärungsführer Schwarzes Meer - West.

May 1943: renamed Stab/Seeaufklärungsgruppe 125 at Constanta, however the order formalizing this change in designation (Gen.St.d.Lw.-Gen.Qu.2.Abt. Nr.9281/43g.Kdos.) was not issued until 13 July 1943.

FpN:Stab/Aufkl.Gr. 125 (L 01777).


Oberst Gerhard Kolbe (1 April 1941 - 28 April 1943)

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ABRAMOWSKI?, (Helmut?), Oblt.

ALBERTI, Friedrich, Hptm.

AUFSESS, Wolf-Dieter Freiherr von und zu, Lt.

CHLUPKA, Ernst-Johann, Ofhr.

DIETRICH, Hans, Oblt.

FLORIN,  ? , Ofhr.

GROCHOLSKI, Roman, Oblt.

HEIDE, Paul, Lt.

HEINZE, Ottmar, Lt.

HÖFER,  ? ., Lt.

JÜRS, Ralf, Oblt.z.S.

KIRCH, Siegfried, Lt.

LIEBE-PIEDERIT, Reinhard, Lt./Oblt.

LÜCKING, Hans-Günter, Lt./Oblt.

MAETZEL, Heinz, Lt.

MEISTER, Wolf-Dietrich, Hptm.

RADDATZ, Egon, Oblt.

RENTSCH, Rudolf, Lt.

ROTH, Ralf, Lt.

SCHAEZLER, Dietrich, Freiherr von, Lt.



THOMSEN, Rolf, Hptm.

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Aufklärungsgruppe 125

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