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Fernaufklärungsgruppe 2

Formation. (May 42)

Ordered formed o/a 19 April 1942 as a Stab to control attached long-range (or strategic) reconnaissance Staffeln assigned to the central sector in Russia under Luftwaffenkommando Ost (later Luftflotte 6) in support of Army Group Center (Heeresgruppe Mitte). Formed during May by renaming Gruppenfliegerstab 23, probably at Smolensk.[1]

Central Russia. (May 42 - Jun 44)

23.6.42: FAGr. 2 (also abbreviated as FAG 2) ordered to take over the reconnaissance responsibilities of 2. Fliegerdivision east of the line Rshev-Torzhok-Bologoye during the course of Operation “Seydlitz” (the planned destruction of Russian 39th Army and XI Cavalry Corps in the German 9th Army sector.

2.8.42: Ju 88 C-5 assigned to Stab/FAG 2 shot up by AA-fire, 10%, Oblt. Rolf Klages WIA.

20.9.42: Stab at Smolensk-North - OB: 4.(F)/11, 4.(F)/14, 4.(F)/121, 1.(F)/Ob.d.L. and 2.(F)/Nacht.

8.12.42: Ju 88 C-6 assigned to Stab/FAG 2 damaged landing at Smolensk-North, 95%, 4 killed.

17.1. 43: Ju 88 D-1 assigned to Stab/FAG 2 shot up by a Russian fighter and force landed at Gzhatsk/NE of Vyazma, 100%, 1 WIA.

3.43: Stab transferred o/a 1 March from Smolensk-North to Orsha-South in accordance with Operation “Büffel” (“Buffalo”) - Vyazma and Rzhev were given up and the main line of resistance was moved back l44 kilometers to just east of Smolensk.

6.5.43: now under Luftflotte 6 (ex-Lw.-Kdo. Ost) effective this date.

1.7.43: OB: 4.(F)/11, 4.(F)/14, 1.(F)/100, 4.(F)/121 and 2.(F)/Nacht.

28.8.43: German forces, including FAGr. 2, began evacuating Smolensk as the Soviets began an offensive drive on the city which fell to them on 24 September. FAGr. 2 is believed to have moved to Minsk before transferring to Baranowicze.

11.11.43: Stab now at Baranowicze/E Poland under Luftflotte 6.

2.3.44: Baranowicze - OB: 4.(F)/11, 1.(F)/100, 4.(F)/121 and 4.(F)/Nacht.

28.6.44: Baranowicze under Luftflotte 6 - OB: 4.(F)/11 at Pinsk-West, 4.(F)/14 at Baranowicze, 1.(F)/100 at Pinsk-West, elements of 1.(F)/122 at Baranowicze and 2.(F)/Nacht at Baranowicze.

Poland and North Germany. (Jul 44 - May 45)

1.7.44: Stab had just arrived at Biała Podlaska - reported 1 x Ju 188 F-1 and 1 x He 111H on strength.

15.7.44: Stab transferred to Nasielsk/45 km N of Warsaw following the general withdrawal into Central Poland, and then to Thorn in August.

9.44: Stab at Thorn (Torun)/NW Poland - OB: 4.(F)/11 and 1.(F)/122.

29.11.44: Thorn under 1. Fliegerdivision - Stab had 2(1) aircraft on hand (a Ju 188 D-2 and a F-1).

1.45: Stab withdrew west to Kolberg/Pomerania during the second half of January as Soviet forces approached Thorn.

2.45: Stab now at Märkisch-Friedland/Pomerania.

6.3.45: Stab now at Neuruppin/Brandenburg to the NW of Berlin under Luftflotte 6.

9.4.45: Neuruppin under Luftflotte 6 - OB: 4.(F)/11, 2.(F)/22, 3.(F)/22 and 2.(F)/Nacht; Stab had 1 Ju 188 assigned to it.

28.4.45: Stab still in North Germany, but now under Luftwaffenkdo. Nordost.

5.45: no order disbanded Stab/FAG 2 has been found, so it either simply dissolved in early May 1945 or surrendered on 8 May 1945. An un- sourced postwar account that appears to be accurate states that Stab/FAGr. 2 moved to Odense/Denmark around the last day of April or first day of May with 4.(F)/11, 4.(F)/14. 5.(F)/122 and 2.(F)/Nacht ordered to join it there. Some of the personnel from FAGr. 2 and the Staffeln assigned to it are said to have left on 7 May to begin the long walk home.

FpN:Stab/FAG 2 (L 21498).


Maj. Johann Gerken (  ? - 3 Feb 43)

Maj. Oskar Otolski (8 Feb 43 - 30 Nov 44, Mar 45 or 22 Apr 45?)

Maj. Hans Nebelin, acting? (Mar 45 - Mar 45)

Maj. Klaus Pritzel (Mar 45 - 8 May 45)

Also see:

KLAGES, Rolf, Oblt.

LEBERT, Ernst, Hptm. (Kr.O.)

NIEMEIER, Hans-Friedrich, Oblt.

REINERS, Heinz (Hermann?), Lt./Oblt.

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FAGr 2

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