Stab./KG z.b.V. 172

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Stab/KG z.b.V. 172

Formation. (Aug 39)

Mobilized 26 August 1939 at Berlin-Tempelhof. KG z.b.V. 172 was the mobilization designation for Flugkommando Berlin, which in peacetime was operated by the civil airline Lufthansa to train Luftwaffe crews for long-distance flying. Its origins date back to 1933 when its first Kommandeur was Dr. Robert Knauss. In the event of mobilization, Flugkommando Berlin was to be reinforced with additional Lufthansa aircraft and crews and built out to three Gruppen of three Staffeln each plus a 10. (Sonder-) Staffel. Even the servicing and maintenance personnel were provided by Lufthansa. The first mobilization was in September 1938 for the occupation of the Sudetenland, at which time it carried the designation Transportgeschwader 172. This was then dropped in favor of Kampfgeschwader z.b.V. 172.[1]

Poland and the Occupation of Denmark and Norway. (Sep 39 - May 40).

Sep 39: Geschwaderstab at Berlin-Tempelhof - its mission during the campaign in Poland was to provide transport support for the Luftgaustäbe z.b.V. (tactical logistics commands) that were engage in Poland, with operations flown primarily from Berlin-Rangsdorf. The Geschwaderstab was demobilized on conclusion of the campaign, probably during the first half of November.

Mar 40: reactivated around 15 March for the occupation of Denmark and Norway (Operation Weserübung). Its mission was to transport German troops to Oslo on 9 April with refueling stops at Copenhagen-Kastrup. The Geschwaderstab was demobilized for the final time in May 1940.

FpN:Geschwaderstab (L 23320)


Obstlt. Carl-August, Freiherr von Gablenz (26 Aug 39 - 10 Nov 39)

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KG z.b.V. 172

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