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TG 2

Transportfliegergeschwader 2

(Unit Code 8T+)

Stab/TG 2

Formation. (May 43)

Formed 1 May 1943 at Lecce/S Italy by renaming Geschwaderstab/KG z.b.V. 2. Little has been found regarding its movements and activities. It was addressed at Isola Vicentina, a small village 10.5 km NW of Vicenza airfield on 15 Oct 43 from where it was overseeing the re-equipping of I./TG 2, and is believed to have remained in Italy until late fall 1943 and then reappeared in western Ukraine and Romania in early 1944. In April 1944 it was located at Galaţi/E Romania exercising control over much of the hectic transport activity connected with the evacuation of Odessa and the air supply of Crimea followed by Crimea’s evacuation in late April and the first 10 days of May. The Stab was located at Magdeburg/East on 25 May and then moved to Kamenz/20 km NE of Dresden on 16 July. The Stab was ordered disbanded on 30 September 1944.[1]

FpNs:Geschwaderstab (L 37451)


Oberst Walter Erdmann (DKG) (1 May 43 - c. Apr 44)

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