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TG 3

Transportfliegergeschwader 3

(Unit Code 4V+)

Stab/TG 3

Formation. (May 43)

Formed 1 May 1943, probably in Rome, by renaming Geschwaderstab/KG z.b.V. 3. Very little information has been found regarding this Stab. On 8 July 1943, it was thought to be at Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine, and then on 17 April 1944 it was positively identified at Constanţa/Romania where it had command responsibilities for the air transport units involved in the evacuation of Crimea. Like many of the other transport units, Stab/TG 3 was disbanded in September 1944 and its Feldpostnummer deleted on 19 Oct 44.[1]

FpNs:Geschwaderstab (L 36708)


Oberst Theodor Beckmann (R, DKG) (1 May 43 - 24 Aug 43)

Oberst Walter Schröder (25 Aug 43 - Sep 44)

Maj. Walter Hornung (DKG), acting? (22 Jan 44 - ? )

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