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TG 4

Transportfliegergeschwader 4

(Unit Code G6+)

Stab/TG 4

Formation. (May 43)

Formed 1 May 1943 at Trapani/W Sicily by renaming the provisional Stab/KG z.b.V. “S” and given a new Feldpostnummer.[1]

Italy and Balkans. (May 43 - c. Jan 45)

5 Jun 43: Stab transferred from Trapani to Grosseto/NW Italy this date.[2]

22 Jun 43: at Grosseto.[3]

Jan 44: Stab now in the Athens area under Luftwaffenkdo. Südost.[4]

7 Oct 44: transferred from the Athens area to Salonika-Mikra.[5]

20 Oct 44: Stab ordered disbanded this date by Luftflotte 4, although this did not occur right away.[6]

3 Nov 44: Stab now in Zagreb acting as Lufttransportführer Südost under Luftflotte 4 - it directed the air supply flights and the air evacuation of wounded along the Heeresgruppe E route of withdrawal from Greece through Macedonia, Servia and Montenegro into Bosnia.[7]

Jan 45: there is strong circumstantial evidence that the Stab was not finally closed down until January.

FpNs:Geschwaderstab (L 52033)


Oberst Richard Kupschus (DKG) (1 May 43 - c. Dec 44)

Maj. Erich Reymann (c. Dec 44 - c. Jan 45)

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BRADFISCH, Josef, Oblt./Hptm.(Ln.). Nafü in Stab/TG 4.

KLEINWORT, Albert, Oblt. Adjutant in Stab/TG 4.

TODE, Walter, Hptm.(Kr.O.). Geschw. Techn.Offz. in Stab/TG 4.

WOLTER, ? , Hptm. Ia (ops) in Stab/TG 4.

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