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Transportfliegerführer 1

(FpN: L 53345)


Gen.Maj. Ulrich Buchholz ( ? - ? ) 5/43, 7/43, 9/43

Gen.Maj. Friedrich-Wilhelm Morzik ( ? - ? ) 4/44

Oberst Adolf Jäckel ( ? - ? ) 8/44

Formation. (Dec 42)

Formed around late November or early December 1942 at Morosovskaya airfield to the west of Stalingrad to control transport aircraft being assembled to airlift supplies to the surrounded 6th Army. Co-located at Morosovskaya with the Oberquartiermeister section of AOK 6. Initially subordinated to VIII. Fliegerkorps, the Stab was assigned the non-Ju 52 transport units (i.e., those flying He 111s, Ju 86s, Fw 200s, etc.).[1]

South Russia. (Dec 42 - Mar 43)

Exercised tactical command over the Stalingrad airlift to February or early March 1943.

Italy. (Mar 43 - 1943)

28 Mar 43: Stab reportedly now in Rome controlling LTS 290 and other units hauling supplies from Italy and Sicily to Tunisia.[2]

Sep 43: always addressed at Viareggio, on the coast 20 km NW of Pisa. Had tactical command over all transport operations in the central Mediterranean area.[3]

8 Oct 43: no longer needed in Italy, ordered to transfer back to the Reich immediately.[4]

South Russia, Poland and Romania. (1943 - c.Jun 44)

5 Dec 43: Stab transferred from Uman, where it had been at least for a few weeks, to Odessa III. Controlled airlift operations in and out of Crimea, which was now sealed off following the evacuation of the Taman Peninsula in North Caucasia.[5]

25 Mar 44: Stab moved from Odessa III to Krosno/SE Poland to direct the resupply of 1st Panzer Army cut off in the Proskurov - Kamenets-Podolski area.[6]

24 Apr 44: Stab addressed at Magdeburg.[7]

Apr 44: Stab at Focşani/Romania for the evacuation of Crimea.[8]

France. (c.Jun 44 - Aug 44)

Jun 44: departed Romania for France around early June on conclusion of the evacuation of Crimea.

22 Aug 44: Stab at Reims - ordered disbanded this date by Luftflotte 10.[9]

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Transportfliegerführer and Lufttransportführer

Lufttranportführer (Land)

Lufttranportführer (See)

Lufttransportführer beim Gen.Qu. (Ob.d.L.)

Lufttransportführer I (Südost)

Lufttransportführer II (Rom)

Lufttransportführer Mittelmeer

Transportfliegerführer 2

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