Transportfliegerführer and Lufttransportführer

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Lufttransportführer/Transportfliegerführer (Air Transport Commander)


There are many errors in the scant data available on these commands, and it may never be possible to sort them out completely unless substantially more information becomes available. Much of the confusion emanates from the fact that only two had Feldpost numbers (Transportfliegerführer 1 and 2), some of them were simultaneously the Geschwaderstab of KG z.b.V. 2 and KG z.b.V. 3 or a detached command post of these, and the officer assignment information from Luftwaffen-Personalamt orders and personnel records is incomplete, misleading or confusing at best. However, following much analysis and research carried out through 2004, several helpful facts have become clear: (1) these were all designated Lufttransportführer until 21 April 1943, when Lufttransportführer beim Gen.Qu./Ob.d.L. order Nr.281/43 changed the designation to Transportfliegerführer; (2) from 21 April 1943, only two existed as separate and independent command staffs (Stäbe) - Transportfliegerführer 1 and 2. The foregoing accords with all OKL documents and Air Ministry air intelligence lists seen.


Lufttranportführer (Land)

Lufttransportführer (See)

Lufttransportführer beim Gen.Qu. (Ob.d.L.)

Lufttransportführer I (Südost)

Lufttransportführer II (Rom)

Lufttransportführer Mittelmeer

Transportfliegerführer 1

Transportfliegerführer 2

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