Transportfliegerstaffel 5

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Transportfliegerstaffel 5

(Unit Code: J4+)

Formation. (Oct 43)

Formed October 1943 at Mühldorf/72 km ENE of Munich by renaming Lufttransportstaffel 290. Equipped over time with a large number of different transport types, including: Ju 90s, Ju 290s, Fw 200s, Ar 232s, SM 95s, a SM 90 and a Piaggio 108A. Interestingly, the Staffel had its own special KStN number: KStN 1175 (L) - Transportfliegerstaffel 5. The meaning of this is not clear but refers to its Table of Organization and Equipment.[1]

Germany and Romania. (Oct 43 - Sep 44)

Oct 43 – Mar 44: rested, refitted and trained at Mühldorf - very few transport missions were flown.

23 Feb 44: still at Mühldorf.[2]

Mar 44: one or more aircraft were flown to Munich-Riem for secret modifications prior to undertaking “special missions” in the East. This rather cryptic statement may refer to agent-dropping and similar tasks for the Abwehr and/or RSHA (Reichssicherheitshauptamt).[3]

Apr 44: transferred from Mühldorf to Zilistea/15 km NE of Buzău in C Romania around the beginning of April to provide large-capacity air supply flights to Sevastopol/Crimea under the overall command of Geschwaderstab/TG 5.

5 Apr 44: Piaggio 108A (J4+EH) flew into a mountain near Linz/Austria in bad weather while en-route to Romania, 100%, 5 crew plus 20 aircraft servicing personnel all killed.

May 44: returned to Mühldorf around mid-May.

Jun 44: received 6 Ar 232s, 2 Savoia SM 95s and 1 SM 90 from 7./Erg.Transportgeschwader.

10 Jun 44: transported Italian aerial torpedoes from Ghedi/N Italy to Laon/France.

Summer 44: occasionally called upon by OKL to provide aircraft for special missions, but the general fuel shortage greatly restricted the Staffel’s activity.

19 Aug 44: based at Mühldorf.[4]

10 Sep 44: renamed 14./TG 4.

FpN:(L 55285)


Oblt. Gerhard Wasserkampf (Oct 43 - Sep 44)

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