Transportkette Fliegerführer 4

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Transportkette Fliegerführer 4

(Unit Code: C6+)

Formation and History. (1944)

This tiny element of 3 authorized aircraft first appears in the surviving Luftwaffe documentation on 30 April 1944 when it was shown in Norway with 1 Ju 52 and 1 He 111 on strength. Its parent unit, Fliegerführer 4, was formed around 15 April at Oslo-Kjeller and with almost certainty its Transportkette was stationed there also. Twice in May it was shown with the same figures. The next time it appears is in August, but this time no aircraft are reported. It is believed to have been disbanded that month or in September 1944 during the mass inactivation of many air units due to the critical fuel situation and any remaining aircraft either parked or incorporated into other units in Norway.[1]

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