Transportstaffel 1/II

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Transportstaffel 1/II

Formation. (Feb 40)

Mobilization No. 57017. One of several Transportstaffeln bearing Luftgau numbering and/or Fliegerkorps/Fliegerdivision numbering (i.e., 1/I, 1/II, 1/V and 1/VII) that suddenly appear in the Generalquartiermeister Loss Reports between February and June 1940 for which there is little or no information. Some have theorized that these were reserve or provisional formations mobilized for the campaign in the West using aircraft and personnel borrowed from the flying schools. This explanation appears logical in the absence of any plausible explanation to the contrary. In any event, they had all disappeared by the end of June 1940.[1]

West. (Feb 40 - Jun 40)

31 Mar 40: Ju 52 crashed near Regensburg, 100%, 4 killed and 1 injured.

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