Transportstaffel 5. Fliegerdivision

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Transportstaffel 5. Fliegerdivision

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Formation and History. (Dec 44 - Apr 45)

Formed 19 December 1944 at Bardufoss and Trondheim-Lade in Norway by renaming Transportkette Fliegerführer 5. Equipped with Ju 52s, Fi 156s and possibly several He 111s. Surviving documents show the Staffel at Bardufoss with a detached Kette at Trondheim-Lade during January, February and March 1945, but not after that date. Since it is not identified in the comprehensive surrender documents provided by the Luftwaffe on 10 May 1945, it presumably was disbanded during April. The extremely critical fuel situation in Norway would have prevented it from doing much flying during its brief existence.[1]

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