Transportstaffel Fliegerführer Nord (Ost)

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Transportstaffel Fliegerführer Nord (Ost)

(Unit Code: P4+)

also as:Transportstaffel Fliegerführer Nord

Formation. (Apr 41)

Formed April 1941, probably at Stavanger-Forus/SW Norway, as Transportstaffel Fliegerführer Nord by renaming Kurierstaffel z.b.V. Fliegerkorps X.[1]

North Norway and Finland. (Apr 41 - Apr 44)

23 May 41: Staffel at Stavanger-Forus.

1 Nov 41: Staffel’s designation changed from Transportstaffel Fliegerführer Nord to Transportstaffel Fliegerführer Nord (Ost).

16 Nov 41: Ju 52 (P4+CH) reported missing in north Norway/north Finland - no details, 100%, 4 crew and 10 men belonging to Lw.Bau-Btl. 3/IV all missing.

Dec 41: Staffel based at Fp. Kemi/N Finland with 8 Ju 52s.

1942: transferred to Rovaniemi/N Finland and remained there until April 1944. The strength of the Staffel fluctuated between 5 and 8 Ju 52s until summer 1943 when it began receiving some additional Ju 52s and some He 111s.

22 Apr 42: Ju 52 crashed and burned near Bodø/N Norway, 100%, 4 killed.

18 Nov 42: Ju 52 force landed near Kolosjoki/Finland in bad weather, 35%.

19 Jul 43: Ju 52 (7U+AM) force landed at Romehed/Sweden (not located) due to engine failure, 100%. Aircraft ex-TGr. 20 or borrowed from TGr. 20, which was also located in the Norway-N Finland theater.

20 Jan 44: Rovaniemi with 10 Ju 52s and 3 He 111s.

Apr 44: disbanded at Rovaniemi and its assets used to form Transportstaffel Fliegerführer 3, Transportkette Fliegerführer 4 and Transportkette Fliegerführer 5.

FpN:(L 39969)


Hptm. Müssler ( ? - ? ) 5/41

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